We Are Building an Orphanage, will you help?

One of my deepest heartaches on this earth is that the people who claim to be the people of God spend so much time trying to defend themselves and so little time actually caring for the people Christ cares for. The Christian faith is, first of all, inconsistent with defending one’s self. Atonement had to be made on our behalf and we have to be brought to Christ and it is God who works out our sanctification. Secondly, the Christian faith is about being changed and moved to selfless action for God’s glory. If you don’t believe me, please read the book of James.

This month, we are raising money to continue building an orphanage in Nayakampalli, India.

Orphans in Nayakampalli singing and clapping.

The need is great. $45,000 is needed to complete the project. Our pastor in Nayakampalli and his family mostly use the money that they earn to continue building this orphanage and the accompanying school. This is why we are calling our readers from around the world to donate to this cause. We are asking that you symbolically purchase 1 square foot of bricks for $6. We can accept donations from almost anywhere in the world and almost any form of currency can be exchanged. We ask that you donate more if you can.

India has nearly 30 million orphaned or abandoned children. Only about 470 thousand of these are being cared for (that’s 1.6%). Not only do we want to give them a home, but we want to provide a place where they can hear about Jesus and be discipled as they grow. When they become adults, we hope that they will take the Gospel to all of India.

Pastor Gandham showing us the project.

Other ways to give:

Host a fundraising party or adopt this missions project as a group.
Visit our merch shop.
Visit our bookstore.
Share this.

*All donations received are placed in our general fund and distributed according to need. If you would like to designate your donation to Nayakampalli Orphanage, please indicate that as you make your donation.

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