Meet Francis. Prevent Child Trafficking.

While we are working to establish physical locations in the United States, we have also approved the work of another pastor and are advancing the work of the Gospel worldwide. Francis pastors a local church in Kenya. Here is what he shared with us.

Here in Kenya, we are taking care of four orphanages in different parts of the country: Webuye, Busia, and Uganda (our neighboring country).

We are currently renting properties, but we pray to purchase our own land eventually. Ten acres will be used to build and any land beyond that will used for farming so that we can sustain our orphanages.

Most of the children suffer from child-labor and trafficking. This ministry saves the lives of children as we take them in, nurture them, and disciple them in Christ. It costs us about $20 per month per child.

Please pray for Francis as he leads this ministry in Kenya for the glory of God alone in Christ Jesus. Your donations help to save lives by Christ’s Gospel work. We work to maximize the efficiency of your dollars.

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