Tobit- Every Worldview Points to Christ

Tobit 6:14-18

Raphael has already instructed Tobias to keep the inner fish parts for the purpose of mystic practice even though mystic practice is contrary to God’s Law (cf. Deuteronomy 18:9-12). In this part of the story, the archangel instructs Tobias to perform a mystic ritual in order to expel the rumored demon, who has plagued Sarah through seven husbands. This is interesting because, in verse 18, Raphael recognizes God sovereignty and foreordination of people to be together. Yet, it is not God who would expel the demon but the burning liver of a fish. Raphael also instructed Tobias to beg God for safety before consummating his marriage to Sarah.

This is the first time in Tobit that we see any direct reference to God’s providence. Yet, it was still up to Tobias to scare away the demon and persuade God to protect him and Sarah. It was up to him to do this in a way that was contrary to God’s spoken word in Deuteronomy.

Even though the theology of this book is entirely contrary to the Scriptures given before the intertestamental period, we see at least one trace of sound doctrine. God had ordained human relationships from before the world was made. This is a recognition of God’s providence, omniscience, and foreordination. Even in religious systems, literature, caricatures of the Biblical worldview, philosophies, and belief systems which are contrary to God’s word, there can be traces of Biblical truth present that may turn people to the one true God.

I have certainly noticed this even as I have studied the Mesopotamian creation myths, other mythologies, and many worldviews. They can always be traced back to original monotheism; the things of God have made it into virtually every perceived spiritual text. Even if a worldview is set against God, it incorporates the things of God in some way. This is why a Biblical worldview is the most sensical worldview to hold. Every other worldview, in some way, points to a single creator God and His establishment of His own creation by His own hand. While most other religious (or nonreligious) texts digress from that into human-centeredness, Scripture (the 66 books of the Old and New testaments) tells the story of how God is doing His own work for His glory alone.

Here are some resources if you are interested in seeing how some other worldviews affirm some Christian values and ultimately point to Christ. Please excuse the inadequate grammar and syntax. I wrote the comments on some of these years ago.

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