This Christmas, Give What Matters

Many of us spend money we don’t have to buy people things they don’t really need. We use Christmas as an excuse to splurge and buy something big for ourselves. While we overindulge, there are orphans going hungry, children being kidnapped for slave trades, former Muslims who are exiled and homeless, Christians being persecuted and put to death because of their belief in Christ, and men who cannot earn an income because they have given themselves wholly to the ministry of God’s word.

This Christmas, we want to ask our readers to give a gift that matters. Your gift of any amount literally helps to save lives. It costs us about $20 every month to help support each orphan. You can also ask about sponsoring a missionary or church planter as an individual, ministry, church, or business. To see our pastors in need of sponsorship, please click here. Thank you for your support this Christmas season as we seek to do good and continue to give the Gospel of hope and peace worldwide.

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Fill out the form below if you would like to sponsor a missionary or church planter. This is our greatest need.

Our greatest need is currently in Nyakampalli, India.

Please help sponsor pastor Gandham and 150 other pastors/missionaries and their orphanage. Read more about pastor Gandham’s ministry here.

Other ways to give or get involved:

Use the “Study the Bible” tools available on this website. More reads=more revenue for our missions efforts worldwide.

Share articles from this site.

Register for one of our events or contact us to host an official event.

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