Christoa Ministries

We incorporated in June! Congratulations, Christoa Ministries, INC!

We saw a 68% growth in our reach from 2018.

People in more than 193 countries and territories heard the Gospel more than 43,701 times in 2019.

We started working directly with pastors in Liberia, Kenya, and India. We also started church-planting in the US.

We are caring for children in several orphanages, excommunicated Muslims, the poor, and hungry worldwide.

We received $4,350.15 in contributions before our annual meeting in 2019.

We spent $3,029.38 (80%) on missions:
Caring for orphans, feeding the poor, supporting our pastors, planting churches, and more…

We spent $731.66 (19%) on evangelism:
Telling people about Jesus Christ beyond our missions efforts.

How you can get involved:

  1. Grow
    • Read blog articles at, subscribe, and share often
    • Ask questions for us to answer at
    • Purchase our books from our bookstore or on Amazon
  2. Give
    • As an individual
    • As a business
    • As a ministry
    • As a local church
  3. Go
    • Check out our events
    • Host an event
    • Plant a church in your area
    • Host a missions project in your area
    • Become a partnering church
    • Become a member of one of our partnering churches

Remember to check our job postings if you are interested in working for CM. Most jobs can be filled in any state or country.

Information about how we do things and how to become a partnering church can be found at To become or find a partnering local church near you, contact us and let us know where you are located.

Run the race.

Please prayerfully consider becoming a monthly contributor. If you are unable to give monthly, please consider making a one-time donation. Your dollars are being used to save lives.

We can collect donations from most places in the world and most currencies can be converted.

Other Options:

Use Paypal to set your own amount, make a one-time donation, and to donate from almost anywhere in the world or using almost any currency by clicking here.

Contact us to request an invoice and pay upon receipt.

Send us a check by contacting us for our mailing address.

Host a party or support this ministry as a church, organization, or business.

Use one of our paid services.


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