No, Jesus Didn’t Teach That!

Come to Me

I went through several versions and titles before deciding how to present this book to you. I am constantly reminded and troubled by the tendencies of so many authors and speakers in our day, who put words in Jesus’ mouth. Such is the case with daily devotionals like Sarah Young’s Jesus Calling and others like it. It actually pains me to see people writing as if they are God, quoting their own words as coming directly from Christ. They often miss, entirely, what Christ did actually speak and teach.

The truth of the matter is that to speak as God is to claim the authority of God for one’s self. The only people who have ever spoken with this type of authority other than the triune God Himself were the Old Testament prophets and the Apostles. That was only because God had plainly and explicitly spoken through them. Since the Scriptures were finished for the current age with the Apostles, no one has the authority to speak or write as God. It is blasphemy. It is simple idolatry to consider those words instead of the explicit teaching of God’s Holy Word as revealed in the whole of Scripture.

Jesus truly does talk. Jesus really does call. But, not in the way that He has been presented as doing so by so many. Jesus’ preaching ministry started, according Matthew’s Gospel, with a simple statement and His most popular sermon- the Sermon on the Mount. In this sermon, Jesus plainly tells us how He calls, what He wants to say, the message that He is devoted to, and the content He uses. So, to know Jesus’ teaching or calling, we can read it directly from Him. It is so wrong that so many people find solace in those daily snippets rather than in God’s actual explicit word.

I know the Sermon on the Mount is familiar. I know that those who have been in church for much time at all have heard messages commonly preached from the famous sermon. Please read the following pages carefully because in most cases Christ’s sermon has been misrepresented and misapplied. Jesus got at real things and instructed His disciples to have the same kind of ministry- a kind of ministry that is not represented by most popular authors or speakers in our day.

So, you and I together, let’s hike up the mount and sit with Jesus as He speaks gently to us, as He reveals our small faith, and as He calls us to follow Him well. This is Christ’s timeless and eternal message to us who reside on planet earth.

This book is dedicated to my friends who are sick of vain religiosity and to my church family, who cares so much about sitting under the teaching of Jesus Christ.

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For my friends who are under unbiblical teaching in their local churches, please pay careful attention. My deepest desire is for you to know what Christ actually taught, neither the moralistic nor prosperity musings of someone who merely uses the Bible (or not) rather than teaching it.

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