Help Child-Refugees Fleeing Al-Sha’abab

One of our partnering local churches in Kenya is requesting emergency financial help. Aside from sending orphanage children to school, purchasing mattresses so children do not have to sleep on a dirty floor, and the constant need for food, one orphanage is located in one of the most attacked regions of Kenya.

This region is terrorized by Al-Sha’abab. More information about Al-Sha’abab can be found by clicking here. The orphanage desires to relocate. Pastor Francis is working to share Christ’s Gospel in the terrorized regions and will continue to do so after our orphanage in the area is relocated. Our primary concern is Christ’s Gospel of peace in the region. Our secondary concern is the safety of these child-refugees.

Traveling costs for the children will be about $700. We can rent a new facility in western Kenya (where it is safer) for $500/month. I would like to raise the money to relocate these orphans and pay the first month’s rent for their new facility. If we gain enough monthly contributors, we can continue to provide a safe facility for these child refugees.

As a personal challenge, many in America say they love refugees and complain publicly because America does not do more. Now is your opportunity. Do more. Stop complaining and take action because we currently have both the opportunity and means to do something.

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