Didache- Final Words

Didache 16

The Apostles or Apostolic Fathers close their Didache with a final exhortation and admonition. Christ will return. People will be judged. There will be deceivers who lead people astray by performing great signs. The people of God should not waste their lives. They should gather together frequently to receive what is necessary for their souls (sound teaching, right application of God’s word, confession, the eucharist, and thanksgiving). For, every year not spent in pursuit of knowing God more, communing with God and His church, and sacrificially praising Him is a year that counts for nothing. Our lives are wasted unless we are perfected in these last days.

So, new Christians are challenged. Don’t merely attend church or claim to love Christ if you aren’t part of His body—the church. Participate with Christ’s body. Ask the difficult questions. Sit under teaching that is sanctifying. Nothing less will do. Any teaching that does not convict us according to God’s word and grow us in Christ is a waste of our time. It counts for nothing. Similarly, young local churches are challenged to strive for the correct teaching and right application of God’s word—not to sprinkle some worthless message with Bible verses so as to make things seem spiritual. Each local church is challenged to practice worship in a way that is sanctifying, not entertaining. Every year we spend doing otherwise counts for nothing. We don’t want to waste our time. Why? We are preparing for Christ’s return or for our deaths, whichever comes first. So we sprint with purpose according to the path (Scripture) God has set before us. Nothing less will do.

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