3 Necessary Tests For Your Faith

Do you have eternal life?

This quiz is based on 1 John. John wrote his letter so that God’s people may know they have eternal life (1 John 5:13). Do you know you have eternal life? Take the test now. Please contact us at Christoa.com with any questions.

Is your local church a true local church?

This test is based on 2 John. John writes 2 John to a particular local church instructing her to reject false teachers. How can we know what teaching to reject and which local church to participate with?

Are you a false teacher?

This test is based on 3 John. 3 John is addressed to an individual, Gaius, who has some leadership role in the local congregation. In 3 John, we ask whether or not we are being healthy church leaders—pastors, deacons, teachers, ministry organizers, etc…

Download or purchase the book to see these questions explained expositorily. Use this book as an outreach tool for your church.

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