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Here at Christoa Ministries, we are interested in your sincere spiritual growth. That’s why we do everything we can to make sure you have what you need as you come to know Christ more and as He continues to sanctify you through His word. Here are some new resources for you:

Saul’s Envy
We finished another section in 1 Samuel on Sunday mornings and the sermons are available for download. These Bible’s message meant much through the COVID season and means much when we think about loving our enemies in the face of riots, racism, and hatred from people who have preached mere acceptance and unity.
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Click here to see what else is available from 1 Samuel.

Kingdom of Heaven
We finished Jesus’s Kingdom of Heaven teaching and parables in Matthew’s Gospel on Wednesday evenings and the Bible Studies are available for download. People have different perceptions about what Heaven will be like. Jesus was more concerned about the Father’s glory and His people than He was about the place.
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Click here to see what else is available from Matthew’s Gospel.

Foundations for the Book of Revelation
We finished the foundational chapter for our new study through the book of Revelation. This foundation is essential for understanding the book of Revelation and end times according to the Bible.
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Click here to see what else is available from Revelation.

A Look at Luther’s 95 Theses
Many of the problems in the modern church, generally speaking, reflect the problems Luther and others saw in the Roman Catholic Church of 1517. Please listen to these reflections on Luther’s 95. The church exalted people’s works and wealth rather than Christ’s work and word. Our reflections are worth your time.
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Check out our other available resources for your spiritual growth here.

We provide these resources free for anyone who wants them and don’t ask for any information from anyone. Simply click and play. We do ask that you consider donating to the Church at Sunsites so that we can continue to produce this Bible-centered material for our community and for Christ’s true church in the valley. More and more, we see the widespread need for sound Biblical teaching worldwide.

Please subscribe to this website, share the Bible-centered content, and continue to pray for revival. If you have any questions about anything, our elders will answer those for you; Simply contact us. If you are not yet investing your valuable time in a church that preaches and teaches expositorily and sincerely gets at the things God has given through the whole counsel of His word for our benefit, we will help you find or start a healthy local church.

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