The Gospel in Kiswahili

As the world’s second-largest continent in size and population, Africa is home to about 30 percent of the world’s total languages. At least 700 language groups in Africa still have translation needs. Although Africa has one of the greatest Bible translation needs in the world, local churches are quickly growing and joining in the vision of evangelism and discipleship in their own countries.

Wycliff Bible Translators

We work with many churches in Africa. While organizations like Wycliff are working to translate the Bible into languages it has not yet been translated into, we are following their work by translating expository Bible studies into those languages. Kiswahili (or Swahili) is spoken natively by groups in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Northern Mozambique, Rwanda, Burundi, and the eastern DRC. One of our pastors is interested in reaching the Kiswahili speaking people of this region with Bible-centered print materials in their native language. He will be translating resources from Christoa Ministries and developing his own resources to distribute.

This process takes time and money. Not only will we fund the translation of these materials but, also, their distribution. At the same time, we hope to distribute funds to this pastor like we do other pastors around the world so that they can continue their work for our Lord, Jesus Christ. Needless to say, we need your contributions. The work of the Gospel helps deliver people from their unrighteousness, helps care for orphans, and helps prevent children from being recruited into militant Islam around the world.

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