Christ Library: Now Taking Donations

We are days away from opening our location in Willcox, AZ. We are now taking donations for that location, including book and financial donations for the on-campus Christ Library.

Willcox does not yet have a specialty theological library, and one of our goals in Willcox is to help resource pastors and others who are interested in knowing God more. Our Willcox location will also become the hub for the area’s homeschoolers coop and the base for the theological and ministry school we hope to start. Everything is non-profit and needed in our community. It’s a need that no one is filling. We are asking for your help because there is no way we can afford this endeavor without our contributors.

Here is how you can contribute:

  1. Purchase a book (or several) and send it to:
    1. Christoa Ministries
      1001 E Irene St.
      Pearce, AZ 85625
    2. It is important that you order and send from Amazon,, or an identifiable retailer. We will not open packages from a sending address we cannot verify for security reasons.
    3. If you want to send an item from your personal collection, please contact us first so we will be able to identify your package.
    4. See list of requested authors below.
    5. Our standard for inclusion in Christ Library is adherence to the 5 Solas. If a book does not meet our standard or is not theological, historical, or biographical (e.g. self-help books or personal devotionals), it will not be included in the library.
  2. Make a financial contribution.
    1. Financial contributions will be used to purchase titles we want, bookshelves, and furnishings.

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Your contribution is appreciated.

Your contribution is appreciated.

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We want to thank you in advance for helping us spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ, educate pastors, and equip Christians with sound doctrine and expository teaching.

List of requested authors:

Louis Berkhof
J. Oliver Buswell
Charles Hodge
Wayne Grudem
Robert L. Reymond
B.B. Warfield
J. Gresham Machen
Francis Turreten
John Gill
W.G.T. Shedd
John Murray
William Hendricksen
Tremper H. Longman III
Stephen Charnock
Dr. Vern Poythress
Dr. John Skilton
Dr. James White
Dr. D.A. Carson
Harold Hohener
John Feingberg
Paul Feingberg
Douglas Moo,
John Frame
James Montgomery Boice
Fred Malone
Thomas Schriener
Thomas Nettles
Dr. John Piper
Gordon Clark
R. C. Sproul
R. C. Sproul, Jr.
John Piper
James Kennedy
John MacArthur
Thomas Nettles
R. Albert Mohler
Dr. Jay E. Adams
David King
Michael Horton
Dr. W. Robert Godfrey
Mark E. Dever
O. Palmer Robertson
Joel Beeke
Michael Haykin
John A. Broadus
William Carey
John L. Dagg
Andrew Fuller
Benjamin Keach
Basil Manly, Sr.
Patrick Hues Mell
Asahel Nettleton
Charles Spurgeon
Augustus H. Strong
Isaac Watts
John Bunyan
John Calvin
John Owen
Jonathan Edwards
Thomas Manton
Thomas Watson
Stephen Charnock
R.L. Dabny
Robert Haldane
A.W. Pink
John Gertsner
Sinclair Ferguson
Martin Luther
Martin Lloyd Jones
Steve Lawson
Jerry Bridges
Nathaniel Ranow
John Bunyan
Francis Schaeffer
Voddie Baucham
Paul Smalley
Charles Spurgeon
Alan Bandy
Clement of Rome
Timothy George
Clement of Alexandria
J Kraybill
Douglass Wilson
Ben Merkle
Greg Bahnsen
Douglas Groothuis
Michael Behe
Alvin Plantiga
Michael Licona
Jason Lisle
Jonathan Leeman
Mark Dever
Craig Keener
Guy Richard
Richard Belcher Jr.
Guy Waters
John Currid
Miles Van Pelt
John Scott Redd
J. Nicholas Reid
Michael McKelvey
Michael Kruger
Robert Cara
Gregory Lanier
Ligon Duncan
Douglass Kelly
Howard Griffith
D. Blair Smith
Bruce Baugus
Mark McDowell
Michael Allen

Anything from Inter-Varsity Press or Baker Academic
Accurate histories are usually a safe bet.
Classical Christian homeschooling resources.

*This list is not exhaustive. If you have written a book or are confident a title will fit our qualifications, please send it. Ask if unsure.

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