Ministry Update September 2021

Friends and Family,

Sorry for the radio silence. The last couple months have been very busy. Less has come out on this blog, and the daily devotional blog has slowed down (in fact, I will be grafting the devotional blog into this one and eventually closing down the devotional blog. Much has happened in my life that necessitated my focus on higher priority things, like being sure my family was provided for. Now that we are finding our new routine, I’m back at it with a few new things going on.

In June, I typed up a letter asking for support for our new ministry endeavor in Willcox, AZ. Well, the letter only made it to a couple people before our life circumstances suddenly and unexpectedly changed, and the letter became outdated. No, we are not stopping our gospel outreach to youth and families in Willcox. In fact, the outreach ministry is a huge success with great youth and family events, a homeschool coop, and the planting of a reformed church in that building. If you’d like to know more about what we are doing in Willcox, check out and We currently need $6,200 monthly to sustain the Willcox ministry. Our team and I are currently investing our personal finances. I want to ask you, if you are not already, to help support this gospel work. If you have any questions about how money is being used, please simply ask. I want to especially thank our amazing volunteers at The Spring in Willcox. None of what we are doing is possible without you.

In October and December, we are participating in a few events that will mean much for outreach and evangelism. This is a critical time to give. Many people utilize the free resources I work hard to provide, but very few are invested. I am asking you to prayerfully consider investing today (more details below).

In Douglas, AZ, the church we are planting, Douglas Reformed Church, had its first meeting two Sundays ago. I am excited to see what God will work together in the coming months and years. If you would like to plan a mission trip to SE Arizona or get your church involved in supporting a church plant in SE Arizona, please let me know.

I am committed to plant several more local churches in Arizona and around the world, and have begun thinking about starting a theological school. But, I don’t want to get ahead of myself.

We still provide expository resources to people around the world. Some of those resources are being translated for African groups who speak Swahili. I need your prayerful help to see that happen as soon as possible. Our partners in Kenya can get Bibles, but I want to make commentaries easily accessible to them in the language of the people. This is one way we can combat the prevalence of the Word of Faith movement on the African Continent and encourage sound doctrine. This is one way we can help train our brothers and sisters instead of reinforcing their inferiority complexes through the modern way of doing missions.

Over the last couple months, we have developed a couple new ways of raising ministry funds. You can still simply donate by using the donation option on this website or sending checks/money orders to:
Christoa Ministries
124 N Haskell Ave.
Willcox, AZ 85643
or ask about automatic ACH transfers from your bank account.

We are also selling custom-cut metal:

Custom metal pieces will soon come with free engraving, and we will offer custom engraving on our own products and on almost anything our supporters already own. You can keep up with our products at here.

Beyond offering these products, we are also building websites for businesses and ministries according to their needs. We are asking businesses and non-profits to partner with us by accepting donations for our scholarship fund either by placing a link on their websites and/or placing a donation box (provided by us) at their place of business.

We offer one-time discounts for referrals, lifetime discounts for partnership, and bulk and wholesale discounts. If you own a place of business and would like to offer custom metal cuts and engraving in partnership with us, please contact me.

For any of our supporters or partners in ministry who sell products, we would love to talk to you about selling in our consignment shop (25% commission; no monthly fees) and through our website ($30/mo; customers are connected directly to you; no commission).

God is so good. He continues to expand this ministry in spite of me and despite whatever opposition there is. I know that God is always faithful, so I ask for prayer concerning my own faithfulness. I do not desire, like happens with so many, ever to depart sound faith for the sake of gaining people. I have many great ministry partners and good friends. I have a church family keeping me accountable in my non-profit and resourcing endeavors. If you already support the ministry God is doing through my work, I want to thank you sincerely.

Soli Deo Gloria.

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