Daily Devotional: Exodus 2:11-25

Moses kills an Egyptian in defense of a Hebrew slave. The story tells us that Moses recognized the Hebrew as his own people, which means he identified as a Hebrew even though he was raised an Egyptian. When Pharaoh discovers what Moses has done, he tries to kill Moses, forcing Moses to flee Egypt.

Moses rescues some Midianite women from some harsh shepherds. They recognize him as an Egyptian. He takes one of them in marriage and stays in Midian. Here, Moses has a son and lives a long, full life.

Pharaoh dies and another rises to power. The Hebrews continue to be oppressed. They cry out to God. Here, I find a detail that deeply moves me. God hears their groaning and calls His own covenant with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob to mind. God sees the sons of Israel. He takes notice of them.

We often talk about God in ways that are cold or distant. He knows and sees everything. So, of course He knows what people are going through and can see them. That’s not the encouragement we find in this narrative. This doctrine runs much deeper than omniscience. God actively calls His own promise to mind. He intimately focusses on His chosen people in the moment of their tribulation. That is why Moses repeats God’s action here. It is important. God sees them. He notices them. He remembers His promise.

God does not change. So if we are His, He sees us in our tribulation. We may feel like there is no way out. We may cry out to God, grieve, and groan in our misfortune. We may feel like no one sees us, accepts us, or recognizes us. God not only has all knowledge about us and our circumstances. He calls His promises to mind. He actively, intimately, and intently takes notice of us. Our troubles are not beyond His care. He does not overlook our hardship. He has a plan according to His own promise. He is a good, good Father.

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