Daily Devotional: Exodus 4:1-13

God has called Moses to take His message to Egypt and lead Israel out of her captivity. Moses tries to escape his calling. What if the people of Israel don’t believe him? Moses does not speak well, is not loud, and speaks slowly. Moses asks the Lord to send anyone else. As we will see in verse 14, God is angry with Moses’s excuses and attempts to deny God’s calling on his life—even in his old age.

God answers Moses on two counts through verse 13. He first shows Moses His power with miraculous signs meant to persuade Israel. He then asks Moses the rhetorical question, “Who has made man’s mouth?” In fact, God, in the rhetorical question, takes credit for not only making man’s mouth but deciding and making him mute or deaf or seeing or blind. Is it not the Lord who makes people the way they are? Does the Lord not know what we can and cannot do? Is He not with each one, teaching each one to fulfill his or her calling?

When God calls a person to do or be something, He does it from His position as sovereign Lord. I have tried to escape my calling. I know what that’s like. God has dealt graciously with me over the years. To learn, here, that our excuses actually anger Him is sobering. There is no room for false humility before God. Those excuses are disrespectful to Him because He is the one who created us for the work He intends in our lives. Who are we to disrespect God like Moses does here? Luckily for us, God is good and is faithful to His own plan for our lives, forgiving us as He forgives Moses and never changing His plan. Therein I find great encouragement. God will never reject me in the work He created for me in Christ, which He prepared beforehand (cf. Ephesians 2:10). He does not react that way to my sin. My personality is exactly what He superintended from the beginning. I don’t have to change because I was created for a purpose the way that I am.

For anyone who feels a need to change, whether their personality, gender, sex, or who feels like anything about self is not good enough—I have some encouragement for you. God created you what you are from birth according to His sovereign will for a purpose He has determined beforehand. You don’t have to change according to the will of society or according to your own will (wills that are always changing) in order to be accepted. That’s good news because trying to change according to our own wills or the wills of those around us is exhausting; We were meant for so much more. You are purposefully and wonderfully made; God doesn’t make any excuses for that. If you are blind, mute, deaf, or have any other characteristic that the world calls a handicap, God takes credit for intentionally making you that way for a purpose in this passage. What an encouragement. It’s time to fulfill your calling.

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