Daily Devotional: Exodus 4:27-31

God appears to Aaron and instructs him to go out to meet Moses. After sharing what God revealed to them, they both assemble the elders of Israel, and Israel believes. They are comforted because God is concerned about them in their affliction. In response, they do not question or interrogate Moses. Instead, they bow low and worship God. The day He promised Abraham (Genesis 15:13-14)—a day greatly anticipated by the nation.

God’s message to His people is comforting. In whatever tribulations we experience on this earth, God is concerned about His own. He sees our affliction. He will deliver us from all affliction in His own timing. Israel waited for four hundred years to see God deliver her from her slavery in Egypt. God was giving Canaan a sufficient amount of time to complete her iniquity (Genesis 15:16)—showing that He is just in giving the land to Israel. He may have other reasons for leaving us in our adversity—whether for the purpose of our own maturity or for a reason that is external to us. Like Israel, we wait expectantly for deliverance from the darkness of this world in Christ. We know God sees us, is concerned about us, and cares for us.

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