Daily Devotional Exodus 9:18-35

The gods of Egypt also had no control over the skies of Egypt. The Egyptian gods, Nut and Seth, are put to shame as Yahweh brings forth hail, thunder, and lightning in the most severe storm ever to have hit Egypt since it has been a nation. Like we have seen with the other plagues, Goshen, where the Hebrews live, is spared from the storm altogether. After God commands the storm to subside, Pharaoh hardens his heart again and refuses to let the Hebrews go.

In verse 14, we saw that God could have simply wiped Egypt from the face of the earth with pestilence. But, His goal is not merely to free His people. He wants Egypt to know the true God. In verses 20 and 21, we see that some Egyptians got the message; they now fear Yahweh. God gives Egyptians a chance to save their estates by warning them about the storm, telling them when it will hit, so that they can move their belongings and slaves to shelter. The Egyptians who fear Yahweh do as they are instructed and many people, and newly acquired livestock (cf. Exodus 9:6), are spared. Those who do not fear Yahweh lose much, up to their own lives, if they did not shelter.

God is merciful, and He desires to be known among the nations.

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