Daily Devotional: Exodus 15:1-21

Moses and all of Israel sing a new song about what Yahweh has done. There are no gods like Yahweh, who actually acts and does wonders. All other gods are silent as if they do not exist. The fame of Yahweh goes out to the nations because of what He has done in Egypt. Yahweh has redeemed His people and shall reign forever and ever. Their song is accompanied by tambourines and dancing. The prophetess (here to mean something like a director of music), Miriam, answers the congregation of Israel by leading the people in another chorus.

Do you ever wonder why we sing? Why is music such a prominent part of worship? There are many people who believe that singing invokes God or causes His Spirit to move among a congregation or readies us for the preaching by stirring our spirits. Biblically, singing is actually a response to God who has already done great things. Singing in many of our congregations is dead because we don’t recognize the great things God has done. We sing and then receive a nice speech from a man on stage, but we never really reflect on what God has really accomplished. If we did, our singing would be a loud, active celebration of His goodness and the redemption of His people. The Lord has done great things. May we sing so loud that the nations hear. May we dance. May we play our instruments with gladness of heart.

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