Empowering of the Holy Spirit

Over the previous two weeks, we have been thinking together about the identity of God as Father and Son. We have seen, in Scripture, that the trinitarian existence of God is no new concept. Even the earliest of human religion recognized the single creator-God and the work of the Son. We saw that both the... Continue Reading →


Do You Believe in the Real Jesus?

Do you know the real Jesus? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mESGbCGGB-o&feature=youtu.be I remember in the last church we served in (I served as an interim pastor), one of the ‘deacons,’ claimed to know Jesus. His brother was a pastor. He served as a deacon in a couple different churches. He knew his stuff. One Sunday night during Bible study,... Continue Reading →

Should We Teach the Bible, or Merely From the Bible?

Imagine, for a moment, that you are playing in a baseball game. You are playing second base and the pitcher on your team keeps trying to play your position. His goal is to do everything he can to get noticed by the professional scout sitting in the stands. So, he changes roles without the coach’s... Continue Reading →

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