Open Letter to Dave Gass, a pastor who recently left his faith

Dave, I don’t know if you will read this or not. When I was a teenager, I saw the church in the way that you are describing now. God was a joke as far as I was concerned and I could really care less about religion of any kind. It was a crutch and an... Continue Reading →


Many Are Listening and Criticizing, what is the response of the teacher?

I love the teaching of John Macarthur. I respect him highly as an expositor. I am thankful for his ministry. In the same way, I respect men like Matt Chandler, Francis Chan, and others of that stature. They have done much in the way of honest Biblical theology and of paving the way for Christ-centered... Continue Reading →

The Kavanaugh Effect

No reasonable person is speaking out against Dr. Ford, and rightly so. Those who continue to lambast her probably need a good punch in the face, and the Honorable Judge Kavanaugh probably needs a few beers after what Senator Graham referred to as a political “Hell” metaphorically engulfed him in flames. Who I saw during... Continue Reading →

Forgetting that the Gospel is Good News, Romans 1:7

There is much we can learn in the introduction of the letters in Scripture. I notice that we have a tendency in this sinful condition to do two things. First, we are quick to skip most introductions. We skip the preludes in most books today. Second, we tend to forget that the Gospel is good... Continue Reading →

Haralding the King, What Evangelism Accomplishes

What is evangelism and why do we practice it? If God draws people to Himself and if He is the one delivering people and sustaining them, it doesn’t make much sense that we would need to practice evangelism in order to win people for the kingdom. Yet, that is often the phraseology we use, and... Continue Reading →

The March For Our Lives- Thinking Well?

Welcome to the class that you skipped. Today's lesson: Hasty generalization (the assumption that all conservatives or liberals are a certain way) and ad hominem attacks (attacking someone’s character instead of addressing the validity of their argument). I saw these things over the last few days, in your absence, as proponents and opponents of the... Continue Reading →

Another School Shooting: I think we’ve missed the mark

Yesterday there was yet another shooting in another school. Today there is yet another debate on gun control. The left wants more regulation and the right wants more freedom; whatever that means. If I thought for one second that public school violence could be solved with one debate over one issue, I may not be... Continue Reading →

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