Do churches need Overseers or Bishops? What does that even mean?

Last week, we saw the role of the church elders and what is seen as the basic responsibilities of one who holds the elder position in a church body. The responsibility of the elder is essentially one of doctrinal authority in service to the body. In Elders in the Life of the Church, the authors... Continue Reading →


What Is A Biblical Elder?

“The danger facing modern congregations is to read into the Scriptures our twenty-first-century ideas about church government. We have added plenty of bells and whistles: directors of mass media, pastors of recreation, Sunday School committees, boards of directors, not to mention all the seminars and books that tell churches ‘how to do it.’ The drive... Continue Reading →

The Unmet Need In Most Churches According to Scripture- multiple biblical elders

“There were a couple of good, quiet, godly men who usually rallied the group. But few seemed to have the ability to look at God’s Word and heed its instruction for giving shape to the church. Inertia had set in years earlier. Uncertainty about the future had frozen the leaders and the congregation. I was... Continue Reading →

Should Churches Participate In Formal Denominations?

Denominations within orthodox Christianity exist primarily because people disagree on the person and/or work of Jesus Christ. They don’t disagree about small things. Denominations make formal doctrinal statements concerning the authority of God in salvation and the responsibility of people. They make statements about the essential nature of the person and about whether salvation is... Continue Reading →

The Missionary, part 3: The Priority of Preaching and Reasoning

Acts 9:26-31 After this three-year period, Paul fled Damascus and went to Jerusalem where the apostles and some other disciples were. They did not accept him until Barnabas affirmed his conversion. Paul spoke out boldly in the name of Jesus, talking and arguing with the Hellenistic Jews. Paul was given such a heart that he... Continue Reading →

What Is Pastoral Care and Are There Bad Expectations in the Church?

As a part of this current leadership series, we want to address the idea of pastoral care for our own benefit, self-examination, and so that we can know what the Biblical responsibilities of a pastor are regarding pastoral care. I think the concept of pastoral care is often abused. Pastoral care in the church could... Continue Reading →

Many Are Listening and Criticizing, what is the response of the teacher?

I love the teaching of John Macarthur. I respect him highly as an expositor. I am thankful for his ministry. In the same way, I respect men like Matt Chandler, Francis Chan, and others of that stature. They have done much in the way of honest Biblical theology and of paving the way for Christ-centered... Continue Reading →

Should Churches Host Concerts (or any other events)?

We are continuing our leadership series exploring the place of different methodological components of the local church. In the first section, we explored the different components of the main church services or meeting times. In this section, we are considering the different components of the local church’s overall ministry method. I have seen churches do... Continue Reading →

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