The Missionary, part 2: built in the wilderness

Paul was brought to faith in Christ. There is no other way to describe the sort of change that happened in his heart and mind. The one who persecuted Stephen was now like Stephen. In Acts 9:20, we see that Paul immediately began to proclaim the Gospel of Christ in Damascus. In 9:25, Paul is... Continue Reading →


Practicing Wisdom in the Specialized Ministries of the Church

We are continuing our leadership series exploring the place of different methodological components of the local church. In the first section, we explored the different components of the main church services or meeting times. In this section, we are considering the different components of the local church’s overall ministry method. In this section, we are... Continue Reading →

What is a Biblical Church Business Meeting?

We are moving into the second part of our current leadership series as we evaluate the methodological place of the different components of the church service. In this part, we will move beyond the Sunday gathering and observe the different components of our organization and think together about the Biblical place of church business meetings,... Continue Reading →

How Long Should a Church Service Be?

Church services vary in length. The average timeframe seems to be from one to two hours while there are worship services as short as thirty minutes. It doesn’t come as a surprise that Scripture gives no explicit instruction on how long or short a Christ-centered worship service should be. What I will not do is... Continue Reading →

The Missionary, part 1: ruined in Damascus

Thanks to readers, friends, and family, we received the funding we needed to support our church in Liberia for another month and we are planning to plant a few more churches this year. In celebration, I am starting this new blog series, “The Missionary.” “The Missionary” will follow the steps of the Apostle Paul as... Continue Reading →

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