Why Doesn’t God Move in Some Churches?

When I was little (probably fifth or sixth grade) I remember being given some Pokemon cards. We didn’t have “Pokemon Go.” I started to really like playing this card game. My brother and I would sneak these cards into our house and play in secret because we were not allowed to play with them. One... Continue Reading →


The Pastor’s Function

Looking back at the last two weeks, it should be inescapably clear to us God desires so much in the relationship that He has with us as we live on this earth. The most basic pursuit of the Christian is the pursuit of holiness. Yet, we look for every excuse not to make this our... Continue Reading →

God’s Structure for Ministry

Previously, we began discussing together the structure that God has for His people both in the Old Testament and in the New. We have discovered that God is building a kingdom of priests, where every believer is a priest. From that kingdom, God calls out positional priests (the pastors, elders, overseers, and bishops of the... Continue Reading →

Holiness in Community

Genesis and Exodus provide the perfect context for us to discuss, together, the community of faith. In Genesis we learn that God created people and desires to have a personal relationship with each one. In Exodus we learn that God’s desire remains the same in the context of a fallen world. Because He desires this... Continue Reading →

God’s promise to a holy people

            Throughout the book of Leviticus, God constantly describes his own holiness and calls His people to also be holy. Holiness, as we’ve learned, is a simple concept. We worship God in a way that pleases Him. We live according to God’s created order; meaning we serve Him as King and treat all other people... Continue Reading →

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