A Regenerate Generation

This is a message for my own generation, but it applies to every generation. Are we to bear the sins of our fathers? My generation almost left the organized church altogether. I intend this message to be taken with deep thought about what we are doing as the church in our time. In large scale,... Continue Reading →


Am I a Genuine Christ-follower?

You know those snack bars that you can get from the grocery store? The Kind snacks company has what they call a healthy snack bar. In their commercials they make this claim: “People confuse nice and kind, but they’re different. Nice tells you what you want to hear, but kind is honest. This bar is... Continue Reading →

Why do ‘Christian’ people refuse God’s instruction?

I remember being little and hearing my mom telling me not to do something. I don’t know what it was, but every time my mom would tell me not to do something I automatically wanted to do whatever it was that she did not want me to do. This, I think, is the purest evidence... Continue Reading →

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