Tribute to Stephen Hawking

Yes, I know he denied the existence of God. Frankly, I think it is very un-Christian to make fun of the man because of this fact. Let me ask you this, person who claims to be a Christian: If Christ is judge, why have you taken His responsibility upon yourself? I may question whether you... Continue Reading →


Ethics: Use of Language

As we continue our series on ethics, asking why we believe certain things to be wrong or how are we to make moral decisions that honor and glorify our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Coming into this series we know that salvation is granted by grace through faith alone. We are saved by the grace... Continue Reading →

Ethics: Homosexuality and Lust

Since we have been looking at current statistics, we will look, again, at Gallup’s 2017 ethics poll. About 63% of Americans believe that homosexuality is morally acceptable. Before looking at the poll, I expected the percentage to be higher than it is. This is up from 40% the first time that Gallup asked this question... Continue Reading →

Ethics: Abortion and Stem Cell Research

According Gallup’s 2017 ethics poll, about 43% of Americans believe abortion to be morally acceptable. This number has not changed significantly in several years, which is surprising because the voice in favor of abortion is significantly louder than it has been in the past. According to the same poll, about 61% of Americans believe that... Continue Reading →

Ethics: An Issue of the Heart

As we’ve looked through Scripture together, we have discovered that God uses our obedience to prepare us to take part in His plan. When we think about obedience, we think about making the correct decisions. There seems to be a difficulty in the world and in the organizational church when it comes to making right... Continue Reading →

Responding to Moore and the SBC

There are some things that are worth division. When the SBC took a stand for Biblical inerrancy, that was something worth taking a stand for and one of the reasons I choose to be Southern Baptist. When the SBC took a stand against racial or ethnic discrimination (and even publicly apologized for its past view... Continue Reading →

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