Embracing New Creation

As people, we are so stubborn. I could share story after story of people in my life whom I would consider to be stubborn (and, indeed, we probably probably all thought of someone), but here I really want to focus on our relationship with our Lord. We believe, for instance, that God wants to do... Continue Reading →


Rewards and Sacrifice

When I was little, it was such a sacrifice for me to clean my room. I was so busy all of the time. I had school. I had to play video games. I had to practice machine pitch in the evenings. My mom made me go to church. I had to eat dinner. There was... Continue Reading →

Christian Luxury? (considering the resurrection)

Resurrection Sunday. Today we celebrate Christ’s resurrection from the grave and His victory over death. Because of Christ’s victory, we can all have victory in Him. This is the message that we hear ever year at this time and every year at this time we read of Christ’s resurrection. The message is so clear and... Continue Reading →

God’s People and Perseverance

Often times, we speak of perseverance in terms of the runner. The runner will go the distance and finish the race well by the work of denying his own exhaustion. The perseverance of the Christian is similar, correct? ______________________________ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LKXoqmC7Zfg _____________________________ Here, I would like to pose a simple question. If we compare Christian perseverance... Continue Reading →

Pride, Worship and Morality

As we continue through Revelation together, we ding ourselves in the part of the story where Christ is breaking the seals, preparing to declare judgment upon the world. He is the only one who is worthy because He is the only one who suffered the death penalty on our behalf. The seven trumpets are described... Continue Reading →

When Will God Set Things Right?

After John addressed the seven churches in Asia specifically, he describes a great scene around God's throne. He describes the glorious worship of God by all of creation. In the context of this worship, a book is presented before the assembly and no one is found worthy to open its seals. In a courtroom setting... Continue Reading →

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