Dear Teenager,

When I was a preteen and a teenager growing up in church, I remember feeling as though there was no place for me. We had youth group, and our youth group averaged more than one-hundred students on Wednesday evening. We went to camps, went on retreats, did missions projects, had cool t-shirts, had awesome music,... Continue Reading →


Why We Reject The Bible

Is this the right place? My generation left the church and migrated to places like these because they offered something that the organized church did not- acceptance. That is, perhaps, the greatest travesty of our time. A whole generation responded to the negativity, the shallow semblance of true faith, and the condemnation of a people... Continue Reading →

Church(ish)- New Book Now Available!   The story is too familiar. You visit a church and everyone is nice, but no one seems to truly care. The people wear masks of righteousness only to, after you have committed yourself, remove those masks to reveal the face of a horrid witch-like creature. Or, perhaps, a different mask is worn: a... Continue Reading →

The Pilgrim’s Relevancy XVI: Most Religion Hurts

The crowd broke into an uproar and pushed Christian and his comrades to the stage. One man yelled, “What gives you the right to determine what is true for the rest of us?” Another followed, “Your faith has so many contradictions anyway!” Still another blasted, “There is not even evidence that the King exists!” This... Continue Reading →

Behold American Independence: Explained

When we decide to share thoughts, we seem to have two options. The first is uncreative and many times uninspiring. It is a simple relay of information from one person to another for informational purposes. The second is creative and hopes to inspire thought. It is an oration (or a potential oration) that people will... Continue Reading →

The Pilgrim’s Relevancy Book XV: The City of Religion

Religion was one of the darkest places on this side of the chasm, and there were a plethora of unique boroughs. There was one that identified with the King’s Son. There was one that claimed He did not need a son. There was one that posited there were many kings, and one that taught that... Continue Reading →

Behold American Independence

"Independence Day is nigh! It is the day that we celebrate the American colonies winning independence from Britain, and we assume to still have such independence, but there is distaste. What was honey to the lips might turn sour as it enters the stomach. Behold American Independence that provides its people with welfare and healthcare... Continue Reading →

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