Election and Sound Doctrine?

I really like to dabble on the piano. My wife and I will find a song that we like (really, she likes it and I just agree to learn it with her and also grow to like it myself) and will begin learning it. When I play the piano, I cheat. I use what would... Continue Reading →


Election Leads to Genuine Love

In middle school, I tried out for my school’s basketball team and I was chosen to be a part of the team. I got to practice with the team. I receive much playing time during scrimmages. When it came to a real game, though, I rode the bench. I like to say that I was... Continue Reading →

God’s Election Means Our Submission

I would like for you to take a couple moments and think about what you believe modesty to be. For many, you will answer that modesty is about the amount of coverage an outfit achieves. Perhaps you will define modesty as wearing a certain type of swim suit or a long enough skirt. Maybe you... Continue Reading →



High school was a breeze for me. I soaked in information and was able to memorize it well. I was good at taking tests and good at writing papers on that level. In high school, I was never challenged, and I became convinced that all of life would be so easy. I graduated and went... Continue Reading →


Resisting the Devil

Have you ever tried to make the right decision, but no matter how hard you try it always seems like you make a mistake? It’s almost like there are some situations in this life where we simply cannot win. We make wrong choices even when we desire to do right and we suffer because of... Continue Reading →


Can we live a legendary life?

In 1527, the Swiss Guard made history as 189 guardsmen held of an army that is reported to have been 20,000 strong. A renegade army under the deposed Duke of Bourbon sacked Rome. Ignoring the command of the Holy Roman Emperor, Charles V, they marched on to the Vatican to plunder its riches and to... Continue Reading →


If things are not the way you want, CHANGE ‘EM OR LEAVE! What is patient endurance?

There was a young woman who did not really fit in at her school. She wanted to feel beautiful, but no guy ever looked her way. She wanted to have friends, the kind of friends you could share anything with or just show up at their house anytime; but everyone else already had a place... Continue Reading →


Back to Basics

            I want to share with you a burden that has been on my heart since I was a teenager growing up in a church that I did not want to be a part of. In the Western church I have noticed some qualities that make the church so ugly. I have noticed that it... Continue Reading →



            I remember being really young and having a dream where I was walking in some sort of park toward a building that sat in the middle of that park. The clear sky suddenly became dark and tornados began to come down out of the sky. My only thought was that the others present in... Continue Reading →


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