Election and Sound Doctrine?

I really like to dabble on the piano. My wife and I will find a song that we like (really, she likes it and I just agree to learn it with her and also grow to like it myself) and will begin learning it. When I play the piano, I cheat. I use what would... Continue Reading →


Election Leads to Genuine Love

In middle school, I tried out for my school’s basketball team and I was chosen to be a part of the team. I got to practice with the team. I receive much playing time during scrimmages. When it came to a real game, though, I rode the bench. I like to say that I was... Continue Reading →

If things are not the way you want, CHANGE ‘EM OR LEAVE! What is patient endurance?

There was a young woman who did not really fit in at her school. She wanted to feel beautiful, but no guy ever looked her way. She wanted to have friends, the kind of friends you could share anything with or just show up at their house anytime; but everyone else already had a place... Continue Reading →

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