Election Means Change

When I think upon the doctrine of election and God’s amazing grace, I think about all of those times in which God has had an attitude of long-suffering toward me (and I think He still does). He called me to conversion a few times before I willingly gave Him my life. Long-suffering. My plan was... Continue Reading →


The Poison in the Church

This week, my wife and I were at Walmart getting groceries and we like to look around before we get to the grocery section of the store. We saw a cookie jar that we really liked, but then realized that the jar would not serve a purpose in our house. Anytime we bake cookies, we... Continue Reading →

Growing in Maturity???

What does it mean for us to genuinely grow into maturity? When I came into this world, I was helpless. My mom had to feed me, clothe me, change me, and keep me safe. I could not communicate. I had no knowledge except for that instinctive knowledge we all have when we are born that... Continue Reading →


On The Day of the Lord

As I think about this life and everything that pulls my attention, I am torn because I have so many passions and desires and dreams. While they can be good and used for ministry (every Christ follower is in ministry), the pursuits of this world can actually lead me away from God. In high school,... Continue Reading →


How God Really Feels About Wicked People

Previously, I wrote concerning what Peter claimed about false teachers and what it took for even someone who has believed in Christ to be seen as wicked before God. What we discovered is that someone can come to Christ, then turn back and again be entangled in the things of the world. We learned together... Continue Reading →


When Good Christ Followers Become Wicked…

Previously, I wrote about the fact that there are false teachers in this world. Teachers who might have started well and with Christ as their motivation, but who began building their own empire in this wasteland instead of working to advance God’s kingdom, and instead of teaching the truth, they entice people by teaching what... Continue Reading →


The Lies of the World

Have you have ever had someone lie to you and found out about that lie? When I was in high school, I dated this girl and in my mind I loved her. When I moved to college, this girl began cheating on me, or maybe it even started before I moved. I just did not... Continue Reading →


Is The Bible Really Important For Us?

Have you ever gotten up in the middle of the night, unable to sleep; so you naturally make your way to the kitchen to find a snack? I have, and I can imagine that if the electricity was out and the house was pitch black, I might have some trouble getting to the refrigerator. Now,... Continue Reading →


How to begin investing in your eternal life

What will heaven be like? There are several books where people claim to see heaven and where they vividly describe it, but one thing we have to realize is that God actually reveals very little about what eternity will be like for us, but we can notice some things about what life there will be... Continue Reading →


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