Prepared for God’s Plan

Here, we get to finish our current study of Genesis. We have discovered together that God has given two purposes to His people. First, the people of God are to fill the earth with God’s image through both childbearing and through evangelism. Second, the people of God are to cultivate the earth for God’s glory.... Continue Reading →



When we were last together, we discovered that as God brings us closer to Himself, it is He who cultivates our hearts. In response to God’s work within us, we are always observing our own priorities and, hopefully, rearranging them in a way that honors and glorifies God, whose image people were created in. Our... Continue Reading →

God’s Purpose or Ours?

Over the past two weeks, we have seen a common theme come up. Evangelism is necessary for those who wish to live as God’s image. This idea speaks boldly about the state of many churches in the modern world. Conflict is prominent in too many congregations. Churches are split. People cannot get over their disagreements.... Continue Reading →

Purpose and Righteousness in a Sinful World

After Adam and Eve rebelled against God because of their own self-interest, they had two sons. Because of jealousy (also self-interest), one son murdered the other. People multiplied on the earth. God saw that people had become evil. In fact, In Genesis 6:5, we read that God saw that every inclination in the heart of... Continue Reading →

RE: Why is life so difficult?

In Genesis, we read of how God created the world and created human kind in His image. Everything was good. People lived in harmony with nature. They lived in harmony with one another; and they lived in harmony within themselves. Life was, by all indication, peaceful. There was no emotional pain. Work was not stressful.... Continue Reading →

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