Why We Fail At Discipleship

My wife and I really love pizza. There was a period of her pregnancy during which her doctor told her that she shouldn’t eat heavy meals, bread, or much sugar. I was going to attempt this diet with her. The problem? We really love pizza! One day, the craving was so bad that we found... Continue Reading →


Hypocrisy and Jesus

We are a people lost in our own hypocrisy. I often get to talk with people who claim to love Jesus about why they are not a member of a local church. Almost always, the answer is that the church is full of hypocrites. We might jokingly say, “There is always room for one more!”... Continue Reading →

The Christian Message, Condemnation or Peace?

This last week, there was another school shooting. In the aftermath of the school shooting, we heard and read many opinions about what ought to be done. We also heard many people condemning those who disagree with them. Any shooting, in fact, any death, is a tragedy and we ought to keep the families of... Continue Reading →


What is the Point of Discipleship?

Genuine discipleship seems to be virtually lost in the organized church today. We have many lessons, sermons, classes, conferences, revivals, rallies, concerts, and camps; but genuine humbling and honest discipleship is absent. Most people are not growing more mature in the faith. Relationships with Christ are not deepening. Unity is more and more a rarity.... Continue Reading →


I Am Unable To Worship God

We often neglect talking about problems we see in the church because real human problems, problems of the heart and soul, are difficult to address. It’s like we avoid problems and just hope that, somehow, they work themselves out. I am going to talk about it because we need to if we ever hope to... Continue Reading →


The Christian and the Outcast

I was recently working a secular job where there was very little actual care for the customers. Every way in which the business was operated only served one purpose, to get customers to spend money and to illicit customers to continue to spend money. Virtually every practice in this retail chain was ingenue or dishonest.... Continue Reading →


Individualism and Jesus

As we continue to think about God's path, there is a tendency I think we have. Our tendency is to ask what God might have for us individually as though we are to be promoted in some way as a result of God’s leading. We have individualized the Christian faith to a dangerous extreme. This... Continue Reading →


The Importance (Necessity) of Scripture

In the beginning, God created people in His image. This means that people inherently have a will. We desire to see things turn out a certain way or to happen a certain way. We were created in perfection, so we must believe that it is good for us to have a will. Since we are... Continue Reading →


Faith is Not a Chair!

I remember this illustration about faith that I always heard growing up and I hear it still today. Faith in God is like having faith in a chair. We sit on a chair and have faith that it will hold us up. So, too, is our faith in God. I find this illustration troublesome. Faith... Continue Reading →


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