Has God Failed?

When I lived and did ministry in Durham, I remember being one of two pastors sitting in a meeting with eleven or twelve of our deacons. The issue of money was brought up because giving had gone down since the retirement of the ‘lead’ pastor. I love these men to death, so if anyone knows... Continue Reading →


Do I Have Free Will?

Up to this point in Romans, we have discovered that God alone can give faith and God alone can impute His righteousness. God alone is doing this work of salvation. God alone calls us friend. God alone sets His people free. Up to this point, I am sure there has been a burning question in... Continue Reading →

Am I a Friend of God?

How would you define friendship? I typed “friend” into my web-browser’s image search and these images are some that came up. The first picture is a website banner for a rewards program. When we think about friendship, it is tempting to think about our friends as people who, by our knowing, benefit us in some... Continue Reading →

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