Source of True Hope

When I was fifteen, I started driver’s education. Everyone wanted to get through the coursework so that we could start driving. During the coursework portion of the program, I had such a hope for what could be. Eventually, test time came around and I passed! I gave my time and energy, suffered through the sometimes... Continue Reading →


Is Inner Struggle a Good Thing?

Coming out of Romans 12, we understand that those who confess Christ as Lord and who are following Him respond by presenting their bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God. That is true worship. We become present our bodies as living sacrifices by no longer conforming to the ways of this world, but... Continue Reading →

Living Sacrifice? Contradiction, don’t you think?

As we’ve walked through Romans together, Paul has made God’s sovereignty and the Lordship of Christ the forefront of the conversation. From Him and through Him and to Him are all things. This truth has a great impact on the way that we live and the way that we exist as a local church on... Continue Reading →

Is Christ Really Lord?

If I were to step into any church building and speak to any congregation and ask, “Do you believe that Jesus is Lord,” I would receive a resounding, “Yes!” From less charismatic congregations, I might receive a slight hand raise or nod in affirmation. I have never spoken to someone who professes to be a... Continue Reading →

Am I a Friend of God?

How would you define friendship? I typed “friend” into my web-browser’s image search and these images are some that came up. The first picture is a website banner for a rewards program. When we think about friendship, it is tempting to think about our friends as people who, by our knowing, benefit us in some... Continue Reading →

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