Ethics: Gender Identity

We are considering is the question of gender identity. This is a hot topic that is is fairly new in our day. I want to state, from the very start, that in the realm of psychology it is still considered to be a disorder called gender dysphoria and is a mismatch between experienced and defined... Continue Reading →


Ethics: Use of Language

As we continue our series on ethics, asking why we believe certain things to be wrong or how are we to make moral decisions that honor and glorify our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Coming into this series we know that salvation is granted by grace through faith alone. We are saved by the grace... Continue Reading →

Ethics: Drinking and Gambling

As we continue in our ethics series, we will consider drinking and gambling together. We remember that the Gospel is not a ‘how-to’ process by which we can be saved. We know that salvation is entirely a work of Christ and, in response to the gift of salvation, we seek to be holy. Let us... Continue Reading →


Ethics: Peace and War

Are Christians justified in committing acts of violence? The majority view, I think, in our context is, “Yes.” We desire the freedom to defend family and property. Most probably think it is okay for a nation to go to war if the cause is just (though we often disagree on what a just cause might... Continue Reading →


Ethics: Homosexuality and Lust

Since we have been looking at current statistics, we will look, again, at Gallup’s 2017 ethics poll. About 63% of Americans believe that homosexuality is morally acceptable. Before looking at the poll, I expected the percentage to be higher than it is. This is up from 40% the first time that Gallup asked this question... Continue Reading →


Ethics: Abortion and Stem Cell Research

According Gallup’s 2017 ethics poll, about 43% of Americans believe abortion to be morally acceptable. This number has not changed significantly in several years, which is surprising because the voice in favor of abortion is significantly louder than it has been in the past. According to the same poll, about 61% of Americans believe that... Continue Reading →


Ethics: Polygamy and Divorce

The importance of a study in ethics has become abundantly clear to us at this point. So, we must question the morality of the things that we see in our own context. Many Christians get funny when we begin talking about issues of morality. We know what we believe to be right or wrong, but... Continue Reading →


Ethics: On Discerning Moral Action

Last time we were together, we began our series on ethics and we discovered that the moral decisions we make are an overflow of what is going on in our hearts, and this especially applies to the words we say. If we hide evil in our hearts, evil things will come out as we speak... Continue Reading →


Ethics: An Issue of the Heart

As we’ve looked through Scripture together, we have discovered that God uses our obedience to prepare us to take part in His plan. When we think about obedience, we think about making the correct decisions. There seems to be a difficulty in the world and in the organizational church when it comes to making right... Continue Reading →


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