What is Fasting? Why is fasting? Can You Ruin Your Witness?

In the previous section of Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5), we saw that Jesus addressed six popular teachings that were contrary to the actual message of the Old Testament after committing verbally to remaining faithful to the Old Testament Scriptures. The major way in which the Old Testament was misused, according to Jesus’... Continue Reading →


Do churches need Overseers or Bishops? What does that even mean?

Last week, we saw the role of the church elders and what is seen as the basic responsibilities of one who holds the elder position in a church body. The responsibility of the elder is essentially one of doctrinal authority in service to the body. In Elders in the Life of the Church, the authors... Continue Reading →

God’s Self-Revelation

Last week, we spent our time talking about what it meant that Samuel was being established as the first Old Testament prophet. We also talked about the purpose that the Old Testament prophetic office had in redemptive history as Christ’s throne within His creation was prepared. The text for this morning sounds very familiar. That’s... Continue Reading →

What Is A Biblical Elder?

“The danger facing modern congregations is to read into the Scriptures our twenty-first-century ideas about church government. We have added plenty of bells and whistles: directors of mass media, pastors of recreation, Sunday School committees, boards of directors, not to mention all the seminars and books that tell churches ‘how to do it.’ The drive... Continue Reading →

Hunger for the Explicit Word

Submit your questions using the contact form, on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn. In the sermon this last Sunday, we observed how the Bible describes and prescribes prophecy so that we know what Samuel is being ordained for as we walk through the narrative. During the course of the sermon, I made a statement that... Continue Reading →

The Real Gift of Prophecy and the dangers of religions based on the word of a latter-day prophet

I remember being a youth and this girl in my youth group at church came up to me and said, “God wanted me to tell you…” I don’t remember what followed those words, but I do remember that it didn’t make any sense and nothing ever came from it. There are quite a few belief... Continue Reading →

True Christianity is Something Different Than You Might Expect

I was going to start this lesson by stating that this section of Jesus’ sermon is the most important part! I feel like that each week with the passage we are learning. The truth is that every word, verse, passage, and section of Scripture is just as important and necessary as what came before and... Continue Reading →

The Unmet Need In Most Churches According to Scripture- multiple biblical elders

“There were a couple of good, quiet, godly men who usually rallied the group. But few seemed to have the ability to look at God’s Word and heed its instruction for giving shape to the church. Inertia had set in years earlier. Uncertainty about the future had frozen the leaders and the congregation. I was... Continue Reading →

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