So, There’s This Weird Thing Called Baptism…

God’s work is simply awe-inspiring. The last two months in my personal ministry and in my personal growth with our Lord has been truly amazing. I will share a little about that as we get into the text. This will be the second time since the beginning of December that we have been in the... Continue Reading →


Given the chance, how would you impact this dying world?

... the sad reality is that most people who desire to impact the world simply spend most of their time arguing, and most of the time without any effectiveness or weight. So many people want to leave their mark on the world so badly that they don't care whether or not that mark is a... Continue Reading →

Is Doctrine Actually Important?

Submit your questions using the contact form, on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Doctrine is an explanation of what a specific group believes. Biblically speaking, doctrine is the most important thing to consider when evaluating a church (or a denomination or any religious faith). In 1 Timothy 6:3-5, Paul sends his student some very important words... Continue Reading →

Do You Have Peace With God?

After recording the genealogy of Jesus of Nazareth, Matthew tells the story of Jesus’ birth and childhood by expositing the Old Testament text. This section in our current study of Matthew’s Gospel begins in Matthew 1:18 and ends in Matthew 2:23. This section of the text includes the geographical prophecies of the Old Testament and... Continue Reading →

How Should We Practice The Lord’s Supper?

The Lord’s Supper, or the Eucharist, is a regular part of Christian worship. As a reminder of my goal in this leadership series, I am not considering all of the theological implications of the practice. Concerning the Lord’s Supper, I am making these presuppositions: The proper view of the Lord’s Supper is at least memorial... Continue Reading →

Should the local church plan outreach? Why?

As we discovered last week, personal evangelism is worked out by God. God works together the circumstances of our lives so that, in those circumstances, His Gospel will be placed in front of the people as a testimony of Him through us. This is the very reason God works together persecution specifically. We are sent... Continue Reading →

Baptism: form follows function

My purpose here is not to consider the practice of baptism in general or to define exactly what baptism is. My purpose is to consider what place baptism has in the church worship service explicitly and the biblical methodology of practicing baptism. Here are my assumptions: Baptism is not required for salvation but is an... Continue Reading →

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