Everyone is forcing his way into the Gospel?

Submit your questions using the contact page, on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Well, it finally happened. Someone asked a question through the blog and I had to pull out my Greek textbooks and relearn the passive and middle indicative. I know, that means much to you. You don’t care about the indicative mood! The question... Continue Reading →


The Missionary, part 3: The Priority of Preaching and Reasoning

Acts 9:26-31 After this three-year period, Paul fled Damascus and went to Jerusalem where the apostles and some other disciples were. They did not accept him until Barnabas affirmed his conversion. Paul spoke out boldly in the name of Jesus, talking and arguing with the Hellenistic Jews. Paul was given such a heart that he... Continue Reading →

The Real Beauty of Sex (explicit-ish)

Submit your questions using the contact page, on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. People were created in God’s image. This means most basically that everything about people in the order of creation is to be a picture of God in God’s relationship with His creation. By inserting His own image into His creation, God not only... Continue Reading →

Human Responsibility Because of God’s Sovereignty

Last week we finished walking through the wilderness temptations and this week we will begin Jesus’ public preaching ministry. This is an odd statement because Jesus has always been the word and the revealer of the Father’s will. What we mean when we refer to Jesus’ public preaching ministry is His incarnate preaching ministry on... Continue Reading →

What Is Pastoral Care and Are There Bad Expectations in the Church?

As a part of this current leadership series, we want to address the idea of pastoral care for our own benefit, self-examination, and so that we can know what the Biblical responsibilities of a pastor are regarding pastoral care. I think the concept of pastoral care is often abused. Pastoral care in the church could... Continue Reading →

How Much Authority Does Satan Actually Have?

In the prelude to Jesus’ public preaching ministry, He has been led into the wilderness by the Holy Spirit to be tempted by the devil. Tonight we will observe the third and final wilderness temptation. As we work through the text and consider Matthew’s (and Jesus’) use of the Old Testament, we will ask this... Continue Reading →

Headed Nowhere Fast- Pastor Nazareth

We continue to be inspired by our brothers and sisters worldwide who are choosing to partner with us to do ministry. This is a devotional from our pastor in Liberia. Please keep him and his family in your prayers as they reach Muslims with the Gospel, provide shelter, and house excommunicated Muslims in their home.... Continue Reading →

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