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I love to cook. Sunday for Koinonia (a Greek word meaning fellowship) at TCATS, I made some jalapeño poppers! What I like about jalapeño poppers is that the peppers are a canvas on which I get to craft a (hopefully wonderful) combination of flavors. To do so, I have to understand the way that flavors... Continue Reading →


Is God calling you to pastor, plant, or revitalize?

What if one local church could plant 200 churches, start 100 non-profits, reach thousands of people every year and still have too small of a vision? Introduction Western business has had quite a toll on the church. Simply consider the way a corporation works and expands. That is precisely what has taken root with the... Continue Reading →

Hello 2019 2018 (and 2017) were brutal years for us personally, but great years for ministry. Those of you who follow our ministry know some of our struggles. We are confident that God is working all things together, that He is doing so for His own glory, and that all He works together for His glory... Continue Reading →

The Forgotten Place of Specialized Ministry in the Local Church Meeting

I came to Christ when I was fifteen years old. I was part of a youth group that ran more than 100 students on Wednesday evenings. We had everything that we could want in a youth ministry. This robust and dynamic youth ministry was part of the reason many of the parents chose to plug... Continue Reading →

The Forgotten Mission of the Local Church Meeting

Merry Christmas! This week we will celebrate the biggest holiday in America. People have shopped for presents, told stories about the babe in the manger, watched movies about the Grinch, and many are hearing again from Luke, chapter two, at church this morning. The story of Christ’s birth is miraculous. It is amazing. The whole... Continue Reading →

Programming Matters

The church isn’t a program. We’ve heard this statement before. As a blanket statement, I would agree. The church is a family in Christ. That being said, we can’t remove ourselves from programming in an organizational sense. Without some sort of order, there is chaos, so we plan. The way we plan matters. We communicate... Continue Reading →

The Forgotten Power of the Local Church Meeting

We worship the God who is sovereign over all things. He has all power. In Him we find peace and rest. He gives life. Yet, churches in our day seem to lack the power and peace and rest and life that we find in Christ. Imagine waking up on Sunday morning, getting dressed, and... Continue Reading →

How Do I Find a Good Church Home?

Submit your questions on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or using the contact form on this blog. There are several reasons you may be looking for a local church home. Maybe you’ve moved to a new location. Maybe you’ve just come to know Jesus (Welcome to the family) and need to get plugged into the family of... Continue Reading →

The Forgotten Beauty of the Church Meeting

I want to ask you a question, and please feel free to answer in your own mind. What are you looking for in a church? Keep your answer to yourself for now. Second question, do you think church attendance is important and why or why not? There are two possible ways to answer these questions.... Continue Reading →

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