The Ninety-Five, Episode 07: Sufficiency of Scripture

The Ninety-Five, Episode 07: Sufficiency of Scripture
The Ninety-Five

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Most churches claim to teach from the Bible, but do they teach the Bible? There is a big difference. Churches often use the attractions of the world to get worldly people into church, from youth ministry to music ministry and human psychology. No wonder there are so many churches filled with people who don’t actually know Jesus.

In this episode, James and Andrew consider Paul Washer’s first indictment against the modern church. They consider Paul’s statement to Timothy concerning Scripture as the profitable thing for life and ministry.

Share teachings you would like for us to address or public teachers you would like us to evaluate biblically at If you would like to be a guest on the show, to either civilly debate or discuss a false teaching you are passionate about addressing, please let us know.

In the coming weeks, Andrew and James will continue to walk through Paul Washer’s indictments against the modern church. After that, they will address popular teaching in the world today-comparing its content to Scripture.

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