So, you walk into a church. The building is beautiful and the people seem nice, but there is just no ‘spirit,’ whatever that means. People are concerned with themselves and you just feel like an outsider. They pretend to be perfect and complain about everyone else. When the preacher opens his mouth, he glories in the works of people rather than the works of God. In fact, you notice that there are far greater emphases on the ministries of the church than on the single ministry of God. The church operates by its own accord, and you find that there is very little genuine spiritual nourishment.

My generation all but left the established church. There was no purpose or plan for us, at least that we could tell. We, every generation, need to rediscover what God’s purpose and plan is for His people and we need to return to Him. It is time for the church(ish) to rediscover what it means to be the church. For those who are not church people, perhaps you will discover God’s purpose and plan for the very first time.


Release Date: TBA

© 2017 Andrew Cannon: All Rights Reserved


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