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Are you a pastor, preparing to be a pastor, or training others to be pastors?

This devotional is a resource for your own walk in any church leadership position and a tool as you train others. Use this devotional for internships, in training church planters, to mentor other pastors and for your own preparation in the ministry of Christ’s Gospel.

This is an expository devotional, meaning that we begin with reading the Bible in context and the message of the Bible is exposed, not used out of context to justify the musings of the author.

Let’s take a contemplative stroll through Scripture together. Let’s reflect on God’s words, not mine. – Andrew



A whole generation left. The church didn’t want us. Are we to believe there is no hope? Pour that scotch over those rocks in your glass and let’s listen together as those rocks cry out. Let me apologize, and apologize.






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The story is too familiar. You visit a church and everyone is nice, but no one seems to truly care. The people wear masks of righteousness only to, after you have committed yourself, remove those masks to reveal the face of a horrid witch-like creature. Or, perhaps, a different mask is worn: a mask that looks beautiful so that it hides the fact that the people are not worshipping or teaching about a real god; only some god that is created by human hands from tradition or from the popular religious myths of our day or a day in the distant past. Why should I burn my mask and expose my cross?



You Can't Front
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How to live a satisfying life

How to experience joy

How to grow closer with God

How to grow a church

How to have a successful marraige

How to be  saved

In a culture of self-help and “do-it-yourself,” I have to wonder if we have lost the true message that Christ has to offer. While many churches are now preaching a false “how-to” gospel, the text of Scripture is so clear, comforting, challenging,  and worth so much more than the shallow rantings we hear from most people who presume to follow Christ.


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Is the Christian’s place in the world relevant? This allegory contains a thoughtful reflection on the Christian’s interaction with different aspects of the world we live in: from interacting with entertainment, to sexual temptation, to politics, and to false religion.




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When Zachary Bellicosus, a member of the Human Dignity and Liberty Society, is on trial for a murder he claims he did not commit, he takes over the courtroom to prove his innocence and forces the investigation to be reopened, uncovering a national conspiracy.

Fight with Zack as he discovers what individual liberty is and is not.





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One young woman’s war keeps her from experiencing the life she yearns to have. Other than the ensuing depression and the struggle to learn who she really is, Sophie Monroe finds herself in a conflict with an unseen enemy. Until this unseen enemy is defeated, Sophie feels she will never know who she really is or who she wants to be. To her, this is life or death…





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How do we disciple a community when, by all indication, that community is unequivocally individualistic? Is Biblical discipleship relevant, or even a possibility? Do we even understand what discipleship was meant to be? Is it an institutional program, or is it something more? It’s An Every Day Thing





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