Free Books

When you purchase any of the titles from Andrew Paul Cannon, you support a ministry that not only hands out free literature, but promotes the skills of reading and writing for youth and young adults today, empowering them to a greater level of success in this world and toward a greater ability to worship God. Please feel free to download any of his titles by selecting a section in the drop down menu above or by clicking below!

University Collection: “I attended college at Oklahoma Baptist University in Shawnee, Oklahoma; and began writing in January of 2010 (not coincidently the same month I began dating my wife). I sat down one morning with a strange yearning to just begin writing. The result was my first book, Six Feet Deep. I have not stopped writing and I probably never will. During my college career at OBU, I also served as the Student Pastor at South Lindsay Baptist Church in Oklahoma City where Rules of Engagement was inspired by the group of students we had in our Sunday evening Bible study. Thanks to all those who inspired me both through high school, leading up to the beginning of my writing career, and at Oklahoma Baptist University!”

Books in this collection: Six Feet Deep, Rebellion, Rules of Engagement, It’s an Everyday Thing, and the first volume of Pressed


Master’s Collection: “I am currently a Master’s level student at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest, NC and my passion for writing is greater than it has ever been. My recent work can be found on this page. As in the past, it is all available for free download, or can be purchased on the ibookstore from and other retailers world-wide.”

Books in this collection: Sophie Monroe, Be We Free? (coming soon)



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