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I attended college at Oklahoma Baptist University in Shawnee, Oklahoma; and began writing in January of 2010 (not coincidently the same month I began dating my wife). I sat down one morning with a strange yearning to just begin writing. The result was my first book, Six Feet Deep. I have not stopped writing and I probably never will. During my college career at OBU, I also served as the Student Pastor at South Lindsay Baptist Church in Oklahoma City where Rules of Engagement was inspired by the group of students we had in our Sunday evening Bible study. Thanks to all those who inspired me both through high school, leading up to the beginning of my writing career, and at Oklahoma Baptist University!

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Jesus was in the tomb from Friday evening until Sunday morning. What in the world was His spirit up too? Or, was His spirit in the world at all? This is a fictional story about the work that Jesus’ Spirit might have done while His body was in the tomb.







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This title is no longer available.

What happens when one high school student’s search for something real results in the realization of a truth that leads him to give up what he thought were the most important things life had to offer? What if one student’s choice to live completely committed to that truth had the potential to change the world forever?






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How do we disciple a community when, by all indication, that community is unequivocally individualistic? Is Biblical discipleship relevant, or even a possibility? Do we even understand what discipleship was meant to be? Is it an institutional program, or is it something more? It’s An Every Day Thing





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