The best way to receive God’s Word is as it was given. The expository sermon builds from the exegetical study of God’s Word and seeks to apply that word in a real and powerful way. Please browse the categories in the footer of this page if you would rather read. If you’d like, you do have permission to distribute/download these messages using sites like clipconverter.cc.

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Book of Revelation- Coming Soon

First Samuel- David’s Rise (Download)

First Samuel- King Saul (Download)

First Samuel- God’s Glory Among the Nations (Download)

First Samuel- Reprobation and Predestination (Download)

First Samuel- Atonement (Download)

First Samuel (Stream)

Red Letters, Evangelism and Missions (Download)

Red Letters, Jesus’ preaching ministry (Download)

Red Letters, prelude to Jesus’ preaching ministry (Download)

Red Letters, Christ’s birth and childhood (Dowload)

Red Letters, the genealogy of Christ (Download)

Red Letters (Stream)

Experiencing Happy (Download)

Experiencing Happy (Stream)

illuminate (Download)

illuminate (Stream)

Broken (Download)

Broken (Stream)

Disciple (Download)

Disciple (Stream)

The Path (Download)

The Path (Stream)

Election and Predestination (Download)

Election and Predestination (Stream)

What is a Genuine Church (Download)

What is a Genuine Church (Stream)

When God Accuses (Download)

When God Accuses (Stream)

God’s Structure for His Church (Download)

God’s Structure for His Church (Stream)

The Ten Commandments (Download)

The Ten Commandments (Stream)

Subdue the Earth (Download MP3)

Subdue the Earth (Stream 1080p)

Book of Revelation (Download 720p)

Book of Revelation (Stream 1080p HD)

Gospel of John (Download 720p, 6.71 GB)

Gospel of John (Stream 1080p HD)

Faith Without Works (Download 720p, 2.6 GB)

Faith Without Works (Stream 1080p HD)

Contender (Download 720p HD, 1.29 GB)

Contender (Stream 1080p HD)

The Church Family (Download 720p HD, 1.82 GB)

The Church Family (Stream 1080p HD)

Fulfilled (Download 720p HD, 1.29 GB)

Fulfilled (Stream 1080p HD)

What is the Christian Faith? (Download 720p HD, 1.79 GB)

What is the Christian Faith? (Stream 1080p HD)


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