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Video Series

Every month a new video series will be available for free download. This is a service to you and I hope that your walk with Christ is strengthened and your group is able to engage Scripture well as a result of these videos. Feel free to share them, show them anywhere, and make as many copies as you want. If you use the material in these videos to teach your own lessons, please cite quotes, illustrations and ideas. Thank you for investing in me and thank you for letting me invest in you!   -Andrew Paul Cannon

Click a video series below to download or stream!


Book of Revelation (Download 720p)

Book of Revelation (Steam 1080p HD)

Gospel of John (Download 720p, 6.71 GB)

Gospel of John (Stream 1080p HD)

Faith Without Works (Download 720p, 2.6 GB)

Faith Without Works (Stream 1080p HD)

Contender (Download 720p HD, 1.29 GB)

Contender (Stream 1080p HD)

The Church Family (Download 720p HD, 1.82 GB)

The Church Family (Stream 1080p HD)

Fulfilled (Download 720p HD, 1.29 GB)

Fulfilled (Stream 1080p HD)

What is the Christian Faith? (Download 720p HD, 1.79 GB)

What is the Christian Faith? (Stream 1080p HD)


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