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When you become a paid subscriber, you,

  1. support our church planting efforts worldwide,
  2. help us to build orphanages and elementary schools,
  3. help us to feed impoverished people,
  4. provide places to live and places to worship for our missionaries.

Your paid subscription of $5/month gets you,

  1. 2 free print books per year (once in July and once in December),
  2. A monthly e-newsletter with a word from our church planters and reports from our church plants.

You begin receiving the newsletter the month following your first subscription and you begin receiving your semiannual book after your first 5 subscription months.

Please fill out the form below. You will receive an invoice. There is no minimum pledge if donating only. The minimum pledge to receive the monthly newsletter is $2/month. The minimum pledge to receive 2 free books/year is $5/month.

Any time you buy a book, you support these missions through your purchase. You can also donate any amount if you do not wish to be a subscriber. Please include that detail in the donation comments.

If you are outside of the United States, please commit to a $2 monthly subscription. You will receive the e-newsletter. Purchase the books by clicking here, or finding them on

Check out our mission campuses by clicking here.


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