What is Redemption?

We are drawing to an end to this series as we walk through our local church’s belief statement. We’ve taken the time to look at the foundation of ministry at The Church at Sunsites and have prepared the way for this new chapter in the local church’s life. I am excited and hopeful about the... Continue Reading →


Why should I not date?

          I want to take a moment and observe dating culture in the western world. Especially among younger people, worth is perceived in the context of relationships. People see themselves as having more worth when they are connected to either the right people or to more people. Dating the “right person” or dating anyone at... Continue Reading →

If Adam Had Perfect Reason, How Could He Choose Against God?

My thoughts, as of late, revolve around this question. We, as a western culture, place so much value on human reason and in the rational facilities of the educated. In Genesis 3, we read a story of a man who knew God and learned all things from God. Before the Fall and the curse of... Continue Reading →

Is Marriage Really That Sacred Anyway?

          Throughout all of history there has been a separation between the way that the believer views certain ideals and the way that the unbeliever views those same ideals. Within their certain worldviews, there have always been disagreements even among like individuals as to the implications of these ideals. As such, I... Continue Reading →

Marriage on the New Earth?

I have been married to my wonderful wife now for eight months and must say that the relationship is the second greatest experience that envelops my life (the first being the relationship I have with God). Here, though, is what bothers me concerning the marriage relationship: It is difficult, if not impossible, for me to... Continue Reading →

Spiritual Evil-Physical World

            We are all curious about the realm of spirituality. So curious, in fact, that one of our greatest forms of entertainment is highly dedicated to producing ghostly video images that cause us to jump each time the camera angle changes. Regardless of what we think about what is popularly referred to as the spiritual... Continue Reading →

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