Church(ish)- New Book Now Available!   The story is too familiar. You visit a church and everyone is nice, but no one seems to truly care. The people wear masks of righteousness only to, after you have committed yourself, remove those masks to reveal the face of a horrid witch-like creature. Or, perhaps, a different mask is worn: a... Continue Reading →


Be We Free? (the first chapter)

Human Desire for Freedom: Can Freedom Be Had?   Man is begat in bondage and there is nothing he can do to escape it. His desire for freedom outweighs his desire for life, yet he is trapped in life. He is a slave to governments and to perception and to morality and to circumstance and... Continue Reading →

Contemplating the Cosmos: The Martian Inquisition

“Why so many eager speculation and ardent fantasies about Martians, rather than, say, Saturnians or Plutonians? Because Mars seems, at first glance, very Earth-like. It is the nearest planet whose surface we can see. There are polar ice caps, drifting white clouds, raging dust storms, seasonally changing patterns on its red surface, even a twenty-four-hour... Continue Reading →

Christian, is your world too dark? (Matthew 5:13-16)

            Consider, briefly, the purpose of the pen. It is used to record and that is its purpose. Just as the pen was designed with a purpose, so also you and I were designed with a purpose, and we belong to a community that was called to a specific purpose. A pen is at its... Continue Reading →

Smith: Prophet of Relativism

            The bright young man approached the small brick house that he had inherited. “I do not like this building,” the man said, “but neither do I wish to sell it.” Firstly, the young man examined the cornerstone, which did so bear the name “Jesus Christ”. Then, he began to examine each brick that did... Continue Reading →

Contemplating the Cosmos: Standing on the Shoreline

            I stand outside and look at the stars with wonder, noting the great complexity of systems and the great emptiness within the cosmos that I have read about. To think that I look with wonder at the same universe that is observed by great thinkers like the late Carl Sagan and Stephen Hawking. Yet... Continue Reading →

A Thought on Culture to Bring in the New Year

            As 2015 begins, I think about the culture around us and the need people, who are immersed within that culture, have for the freedom that we have in Jesus Christ. People everywhere cry out for freedom and very few find it. Within Christianity, we know the source of true freedom. His name is Jesus... Continue Reading →

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