My Unbiblical Ministry Dream

What is the result when we strive to follow Jesus as churches, pastors, and ministry leaders? What is the fruit of a healthy church body that genuinely strives to abide in the instruction of Jesus Christ? Scripture does not leave us in the dark about how to measure the success of our ministry and it... Continue Reading →


Church Planting: Creation, The Great Commission, and The Resolution

As we saw when we considered God’s eternal mission, God’s purpose is His own glory in His creation through the exaltation of Christ and in the abiding presence of the Holy Spirit. We will always have the mandate to multiply in creation and steward creation according to the first and second chapters in Genesis. God... Continue Reading →

Church Planting: a temporal picture of God’s eternal mission, pt. 3

Read Acts 13:2-52 The local congregation was dedicated to fasting and ministering to the Lord. This was a regular part of their worship. The Holy Spirit directed, not only the elders but the whole of the congregation, to set apart Barnabas and Saul do the work they were called to (planting churches just as the... Continue Reading →

Church Planting: a temporal picture of God’s eternal mission, pt. 2

Read Acts 13:1 Barnabas and Saul did not spend all of their time at the church in Antioch, what had now become their home church. They were called specifically to missions work and were doing that work under the commission of the church in Antioch. When they returned from a trip on which they were... Continue Reading →

Hello 2019 2018 (and 2017) were brutal years for us personally, but great years for ministry. Those of you who follow our ministry know some of our struggles. We are confident that God is working all things together, that He is doing so for His own glory, and that all He works together for His glory... Continue Reading →

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