Hypocrisy and Jesus

We are a people lost in our own hypocrisy. I often get to talk with people who claim to love Jesus about why they are not a member of a local church. Almost always, the answer is that the church is full of hypocrites. We might jokingly say, “There is always room for one more!”... Continue Reading →


The Christian and the Outcast

I was recently working a secular job where there was very little actual care for the customers. Every way in which the business was operated only served one purpose, to get customers to spend money and to illicit customers to continue to spend money. Virtually every practice in this retail chain was ingenue or dishonest.... Continue Reading →

The Pilgrim’s Relevancy Book XIV: Too Many Christian Rules

“Why do you attack the whole world?” someone came out of the school who was just as hot-headed as Encouragement was. The party looked at Encouragement. He almost started again, but noticed that Christian and Witness were both watching. They were watching with those eyes that silently begged him not to start again. He took... Continue Reading →

Control-Freaks (Outline Only)

Share a story about a control-freak that you know! (please don’t mention their name). Opening questions Are there churches that work against God? o   What sort of churches might these be? Are there people who claim to be God’s people, but are actually God’s enemies? o   What sort of people might these be? Mark 12:1-12... Continue Reading →

God doesn’t call everyone to “GO”?

What are some of the creepiest stories that you have ever heard? Something I’ve noticed about “ghost” stories is that nearly all of them happen in isolation. The world is a scarier place for someone who is alone either physically or emotionally. For instance, I remember someone telling me the story of a big black... Continue Reading →

The Pilgrim’s Relevancy: Book IV (Social Networking)

            Prostitute led Christian into the library. Immediately, Christian noticed the abundance of information available. Anything that anybody had written and published could be found. There was a section labeled electronic and a section labeled print. Christian was drawn to browse through what was available in the electronic section. One this half of the library,... Continue Reading →

The Pilgrim’s Relevancy: Book II (Media)

Prostitute led Christian to a place to eat. “The best place in town,” she called it, “with a relaxing environment, all the food one can eat and the best entertainment.” These are things that were not glorified on Christian’s side of the chasm and around his own people. He had always been taught to deny... Continue Reading →

Is There Joy? (John 16:16-24)

            Joy is evasive, even for the believer. In a contemporary culture, amidst the skepticism and the violence and the critical nature of the human individual, joy is scarcely attainable. We live in a society that is riddled with depression and anger and discontent, yet we long for joy. In scripture, we are told that... Continue Reading →

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