Is Christian Morality Behind the Times?

In Luke’s gospel, we discovered that the goal of discipleship is repentance and that God calls His people into humility. Because Christ calls us into repentance, there are many people who simply won’t become genuine Christ followers. I hear things like, “I would have to give up too much to follow Christ,” “Religious rules are... Continue Reading →


The Pilgrim’s Relevancy Book XIV: Too Many Christian Rules

“Why do you attack the whole world?” someone came out of the school who was just as hot-headed as Encouragement was. The party looked at Encouragement. He almost started again, but noticed that Christian and Witness were both watching. They were watching with those eyes that silently begged him not to start again. He took... Continue Reading →

Oh, Orlando, my heart weeps (on guns, gays, terrorism and Islam)

Now that it has been almost 48 hours since the senseless act of terror in Orlando, I thought I might give some thoughts (I have waited out of respect for the victims and their families). First of all, I am horrified at the reaction of some political elites: calling for the removal of firearms or... Continue Reading →

The Christian Family: a people of revival, not condemnation

                  Why do people not attend church? For what reasons do believers not partake in the Christian fellowship? The Malphurs Group, which is a church consultation firm, offered 15 reasons that should cause us to think:[1] THEIR FAITH IS STRONG, BUT THEY FEEL THE CHURCH IS NOT MEETING THEIR NEEDS. THEY ARE TIRED OF THE... Continue Reading →

Pride (something deeper than sexuality)

            Over the last forty-eight hours I have seen more pride than I can manage. I am not speaking of the LGBT community or the recent Supreme Court decision to legalize same-sex marriage in all 50 states. Chances are, most of those reading this know exactly where I stand on the moral issue of sexuality.... Continue Reading →

The Pilgrim’s Relevancy: Book VI (homosexuality)

In the town that was now behind them, Christian remembered encountering certain infatuations, specifically in the entertainment. These infatuations led many further from the chasm and further away from the King. Christian and his companion stepped into the City of Love, where many committed wholly to their infatuations and were unashamed. _______________________ Book I  /... Continue Reading →

The Pilgrim’s Relevancy: Book IV (Social Networking)

            Prostitute led Christian into the library. Immediately, Christian noticed the abundance of information available. Anything that anybody had written and published could be found. There was a section labeled electronic and a section labeled print. Christian was drawn to browse through what was available in the electronic section. One this half of the library,... Continue Reading →

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