The Pilgrim’s Relevancy: Book III (sexuality in entertainment)

The lights dimmed and Prostitute spoke up again, “This is why everyone comes here. This place has the best entertainment in the entire town.” Christian looked on as he began his meal, which was delicious. A tall woman came out onto the stage and began to sing. Her voice was soothing and the music relaxing.... Continue Reading →


The Pilgrim’s Relevancy: Book II (Media)

Prostitute led Christian to a place to eat. “The best place in town,” she called it, “with a relaxing environment, all the food one can eat and the best entertainment.” These are things that were not glorified on Christian’s side of the chasm and around his own people. He had always been taught to deny... Continue Reading →

Is There Joy? (John 16:16-24)

            Joy is evasive, even for the believer. In a contemporary culture, amidst the skepticism and the violence and the critical nature of the human individual, joy is scarcely attainable. We live in a society that is riddled with depression and anger and discontent, yet we long for joy. In scripture, we are told that... Continue Reading →

Contemplating the Cosmos: The Martian Inquisition

“Why so many eager speculation and ardent fantasies about Martians, rather than, say, Saturnians or Plutonians? Because Mars seems, at first glance, very Earth-like. It is the nearest planet whose surface we can see. There are polar ice caps, drifting white clouds, raging dust storms, seasonally changing patterns on its red surface, even a twenty-four-hour... Continue Reading →

Are Actions Really That Important? (3 John 11)

            Who are we? This question rings out from the whole of humanity as each man and woman works to discover his or her identity in a chaotic world. When we are children, we are carefree and trusting and we seem to encounter none of life’s crises. When we are older, many of us look... Continue Reading →

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