Doing New Things Urgently- Missions

When we lived in North Carolina, we had been at a church for about eight months. We took the youth to summer camp, and our being at summer camp meant there were always pictures being taken. When we arrived back home and looked at the pictures, I saw that I was much bigger than I... Continue Reading →


Is Christian Morality Behind the Times?

In Luke’s gospel, we discovered that the goal of discipleship is repentance and that God calls His people into humility. Because Christ calls us into repentance, there are many people who simply won’t become genuine Christ followers. I hear things like, “I would have to give up too much to follow Christ,” “Religious rules are... Continue Reading →

Dear Church, we are partners, not competitors

What a beautiful thing it is when the people of God come together. There truly is only one Church and only one body of Christ. We can look around in our churches and in our communities; seeing others who have different hobbies, different priorities, different values, different colors of skin, different languages, different preferences regarding... Continue Reading →

God doesn’t call everyone to “GO”?

What are some of the creepiest stories that you have ever heard? Something I’ve noticed about “ghost” stories is that nearly all of them happen in isolation. The world is a scarier place for someone who is alone either physically or emotionally. For instance, I remember someone telling me the story of a big black... Continue Reading →

Is There Joy? (John 16:16-24)

            Joy is evasive, even for the believer. In a contemporary culture, amidst the skepticism and the violence and the critical nature of the human individual, joy is scarcely attainable. We live in a society that is riddled with depression and anger and discontent, yet we long for joy. In scripture, we are told that... Continue Reading →

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