Why Do People Have To Die?

Submit your questions using the contact form, on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Death is the most excruciating ailment and the unbreakable enemy of every person. That is the way that we perceive it. We witness death in the world. A family member is with us one moment and it seems like in the next breath... Continue Reading →


If Adam Had Perfect Reason, How Could He Choose Against God?

My thoughts, as of late, revolve around this question. We, as a western culture, place so much value on human reason and in the rational facilities of the educated. In Genesis 3, we read a story of a man who knew God and learned all things from God. Before the Fall and the curse of... Continue Reading →

Brothers, religion does not define us! (Romans 8:1-11)

            One walk down the street or down the school hallway or into a break room at work will reveal a vast diversity of worldviews and belief systems. There are Hindus, Muslims, Buddhists, Jews, Christians and Atheists. There are philosophers, scientists, artists and composers. There are children, teenagers, young adults,... Continue Reading →

What Does Death Mean for a Christian?

With the recent severe weather, especially the devastating tornado that killed at least 24 and injured more than 200, just south of us, I felt it appropriate that I addressed death and what it means to Christians. Should the Christian community fear death? Should it welcome death? Should it be excited about death?   Allow... Continue Reading →

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