The Simple Gospel

The Gospel is simple. Nicodemus, a religious man who was intrigued by Jesus’ ministry, visited Jesus in secret and Jesus taught him what salvation was. You can read this story in John 3:1-21. When we read the text for what it is, we notice a few things about salvation. There was a man from the... Continue Reading →


You Are Enough

When I was in seminary pursuing my Master’s degree, I remember signing up for courses one semester and, shortly after signing up for courses, going on staff at a church in the area. At that point I was working full time, third shift at a grocery store, Going to school full-time during the day, and... Continue Reading →

Is There Life After Death?

Is there really life after death? Virtually every worldview insists that there is. Most people, when asked if they believe there is life after death, say, “Yes.” Is there any evidence or is it just something that we want to assume because we have a desire to live forever? First of all, there is... Continue Reading →

Christ’s Eternal Nature

Darkness and light. We could think about the differences. Darkness obscures while light distinguishes. Darkness hides while light reveals. We relate darkness with cold and light with warmth. In the darkness we can hide our imperfections but we don't know where we are stepping. It's impossible to move forward and to grow more mature. In... Continue Reading →

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