Dear Teenager,

When I was a preteen and a teenager growing up in church, I remember feeling as though there was no place for me. We had youth group, and our youth group averaged more than one-hundred students on Wednesday evening. We went to camps, went on retreats, did missions projects, had cool t-shirts, had awesome music,... Continue Reading →


Tribute to Stephen Hawking

Yes, I know he denied the existence of God. Frankly, I think it is very un-Christian to make fun of the man because of this fact. Let me ask you this, person who claims to be a Christian: If Christ is judge, why have you taken His responsibility upon yourself? I may question whether you... Continue Reading →

Contemplating the Local Church

            I’ve been thinking lately upon the existence of the local church. Specifically within Southern Baptist polity, the local church has autonomy and can, for the most part, conduct ministry as it sees fit within its community. This seems to do wonders, especially when it comes to reaching out to audiences who are engulfed in... Continue Reading →

Do you ever have trouble figuring out what God wants from you?

            This question is one that seems to haunt everyone I know who has a relationship with Christ. Of course, following Christ means that we do what He leads us to do. Sometimes, though, it is difficult to know exactly what God wants in any given situation or even concerning... Continue Reading →

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